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JETaThru Environment

JetaThru serves as your all-in-one solution for Roof, Solar Panel, Gutter, Downspout, and Drainage needs. With the added benefit of a Video Monitoring System ensuring clear results, we provide round-the-clock emergency service, cost-effective solutions, and hassle-free maintenance and rejuvenation of sewer lines.

Gutter & Downspout Cleaning

No Damages on gutters or roof!!!
No injuries on your property!!!
Our state-of-the-art professional gutter vacuum system ensures a worry-free experience, allowing us to clean both residential and commercial building gutters safely from the ground, reaching heights of up to 40 feet. Unlike traditional methods involving ladders, lifts, or walking across roofs with blowers, which pose risks of slipping, falling, or damaging gutter systems and rooftops, our approach eliminates these concerns.

Roof Cleaning – Moss Removal Service

DeIonized Water System
& Bristled Brush on Waterfed Poles.
Steam/Power Wash System

Our Deionized Water System guarantees a spot-free, streak-free clean, removing stains and detritus to keep your solar panels in pristine condition.

Our specialized bristled brushes, mounted on water-fed poles, reach even the most challenging spots, providing thorough and efficient cleaning for your solar panel array.


To solve any kind of clogging problem,  We offer
1. Quick Penetrating (긴급관통)
2. Scaling & Renew (배관청소)

Depending on the material and structure of the pipe, We use Spring auger, Shaft, Mini or Hydro Jetting, suction, etc.


The first step in almost any repair is locating the source of the problem. Our sewer inspection camera is able to pinpoint any drainage problem, whether it is a clog, tree root, or broken line. Take the guesswork out of solving your plumbing problem!

Shiny Mobile Detailing

Mobile Detailing Service Come where you at.

Auto, RV, Semi.

Interior / Exterior

Moss, Mold, Oxidation Removal

Steam Shampoo Specialist

Power / Pressure Wash – Surface Cleaning



Parking lots

Roof Cleaning

Moss Removal
  • Moss Removalt
    $0.05~$0.95 /Sq ft.
  • Moss Prevension
  • Silicone Sealant
    $1~$5 / Sq ft
  • Stain Removaln
  • Stain Prevention
    $20~$30 /Gallon
  • Zinc Oxide Treatmentr
    $0.05~$0.12 .Sq ft.
  • Solar Panel Cleaning
    $6~$20 /panel

Gutter Cleaning

Include Before & After Video Report
  • 1st Story with Video Report
    From $1~$2./Line Ff.
  • 2nd Story with Video Report
    From $2.00~$3 /Line Ft.
  • 3rd Story upto 40' with Video Report
    from $3.00~$4/Line Ft.
  • Video Inspection
    1st floor $250
    2nd Floor $275
    3rd floor $300
    (Credit toward to Job Order)
  • Downspout Add-On
    1st Fl. upto 12"- $50
    2nd Fl. upto 22" - $70
    3rd Fl. upto 32" - $90

Main Line
긴급 관통

  • Auger/Flex Shaft/Power Suction
    Res $199/ Biz $249
  • Electric Boss Jetting
    Res $300/Biz $400
  • Gas Power Jetting
    Res $600/Biz $700
  • Video Monitoring

Pipe ReNew
배관 청소

  • Flex Shaft with Video
    Res $350/Biz $450
  • Electric Boss Jetting with Video
    Res $600/Biz $700
  • Gas Power Jetting with Video
    Res $800/Biz $900
  • Hot Jet with Video
    Res $1'000/Biz $1'100

Catch Basin

  • Sludge Pump from $150
  • Trenching
  • Water bypass

Sewer Video Inspection

$ 249
  • Visiting Location
  • Record 1 line Up to 50 ft
  • Solution & Estimating

Pressure / Power Wash

Parking Lots
  • Pressure Wash $0.40/ sq ft
  • Power Wash $0.60 / Sq ft

Hot/Steam Shampoo

Recover Carpet from Overflow
  • Under 600 SqFt $550
  • 601 ~ 1000 Sq.Ft $800
  • 1001~1500Sqft $1'200

Service Charge

  • Trip Charge after 15 mile $2/miles
  • Inspect/ Solution/ Service Minimum $99
  • Urgent /After Hrs/Holydays $150
  • Residential Sink Watch & Clean 2" & 10ft From $180
  • Unclogging Toilet/Urinal $249/$349
  • Gutter & Downspout Clean from $180
  • Crawl / Stair Charge $99
  • Additional Hour $200/hr

Additional Service

  • Clean-Out install -From $200 Plus Parts
  • Fulled Toilet $700
  • Foreign Material (Ex. Roots)
  • Pipe Repair
  • Trenchless Pipe Repair /Coming Soon

24/7 Emergency Drain Rescue