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JETaThru Drain Soultion

JETaThru promises systematic and professional solutions based on years of know-how and expertise.
We will do our best to ensure a safe environment and customer satisfaction for cleanliness and management of the house.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease trap is an essential part of any commercial kitchen, and eventually, it will need pumping and other services.

Don’t take any chances in the first place by having your employees or a generic cleaning company empty your grease trap.

Trust a licensed, insured provider of grease trap services, clean, and maintain your grease trap. We will always fill out your logbooks correctly, leave your premises as clean as we found them, and stand by you if the city needs proof of our work


Water or wastewater that is thrown away after use flows through the drainpipe.
A variety of foreign substances are contained, causing frequent pipe clogging.

Depending on the material and structure of the pipe, high pressure washing, spring, suction, etc.
Remove the scale inside the pipe.


The first step in almost any repair is locating the source of the problem. Our sewer inspection camera is able to rotate 360 degrees inside your plumbing lines, allowing our professionals to pinpoint any drainage problem, whether it is a clog, tree root, or broken line. Take the guesswork out of solving your plumbing problem!

Hydro-Jet Sewer Cleaning

Complete Cleaning and Unclogging of Sewer Lines

Unlike other sewer line unclogging techniques like mechanical snaking, hydrojetting not only removes clogs but also thoroughly cleans grease, buildup, roots and bacteria from the interior of the pipe. Maintaining a clean pipe will prolong the life of your drain.



The carpet is mainly located in the center of the living room, which is contaminated by various factors. There are many germs such as food waste, dust, and ticks, which are a major cause of human health, so you need to be sensitive to cleanliness.

Hygiene to customers by preventing pests such as ants, ticks, and cockroaches, removing odors, sterilizing and disinfecting various pollutants.JETaThru will provide the best service to our customers so that they can live an optimal clean life.

24/7 Emergency Drain Rescue