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Call JetaThru Drain Solution, offering same-day and emergency drain cleaning service for the Near Federal Way and Tacoma, we’ll get your home back into the flow of things no matter what’s slowing it down.

Professional Auger 긴급 관통

Kitchen Sink, Bath, Toilet Etc

Access from Inside.

Flex Scaling 원상복원

Kitchen Sink, Bath, Toilet Etc

Access from Inside.

Hydro Jet Penetrating 고압관통/청소

Access from Clean Out

Mini jet Penetraning 

Mini Jet & Video Inspection 

Hydro Jetting (Cold / Hot Water)

Hydro Jetting vs. Drain Snaking

Hydro jetting differs from sewer rodding or using a mechanical snake, where a plumber uses a tool to power a hole through the buildup.

Hydro jetting uses a high pressure stream of water focused on the pipe walls to completely clean the pipes.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

  • Complete Cleaning and Unclogging of Sewer Line
  • Tree Root Removal
  • No Digging Required
  • No Harmful Chemicals Are Used
  • Remove Bacteria from Sewer Pipes

Performing Sewer Camera Inspection Prior to Hydro Jetting

We will use a specialized video camera to inspect the pipe for damage or breaks. By evaluating the camera inspection of the pipe the technician can determine if hydrojetting can be used and if so, choose the proper pressure and cleaning head for the job.


Benefits of Hot Jet

  • Gets rid of dirt faster and easier

A hot water Jetting can get rid of dirt much faster than a cold Jetting. You’re probably wondering how that’s possible. Let’s look at it from a molecular level.

Hot water molecules are scientifically proven to have more active and faster-moving molecules than cold water. Because hot water molecules move faster, it actually affects the molecules of dirt by jiggling the dirt molecules loose.

  • Better for removing grease and oil

A hot Jetting not only gets rid of the usual dirt, mud, sand, and other debris much quicker and easier. It also does a better job getting rid of grease and oil, something that cold pressure washers just can’t seem to do.

Grease and oil are hard to get rid of with cold water because it really takes a high-temperature level to remove greasy stains. A hot Jetter has a high enough temperature to loosen grease molecules. Once the grease molecules loosen up due to the fast-moving molecules in hot water, the grease becomes just as easy to remove as any dirt.

  • Kills any bacteria or germs

he great thing about hot Jetting is its capability to sanitize surfaces. That’s right! Hot water can kill bacteria and germs.

Different kinds of bacteria die at different temperatures, but the World Health Organization says that most bacteria can die at around 149 degrees Fahrenheit. That makes hot Jetting even more ideal because the temperature levels of the hot Jetter can go anywhere between 50 degrees Fahrenheit to up to 285 degrees Fahrenheit.

That’s more than enough heat to kill germs!