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Gutter & Downspout Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Why JetaThru?

JetaThru makes gutter cleaning safe and easy with our innovative vacuum system.
No more risky ladders, lifts, or blowers that can damage gutters and roofs.
Our team understands the dangers of traditional methods and uses advanced technology to clean gutters up to 40 ft high from the ground.
Trust us to protect your property and avoid unnecessary risks. Choose JetaThru for safe and effective gutter cleaning.

What is Included?
  1. Free inspection of your gutters and estimates,
  2. Cleaning debris from the inside of your gutters,
  3. Using our state-of-the-art SkyVac Gutter System,
  4. Perform Flush Test
  5. Before and After Video Report,

The SkyVac® Industrial 85 Elite Wet & Dry Vacuum has been specially designed to clear even the most stubborn blocked gutters. It features 3 industrial strength 1,100 watt motors and combines high airflow with exceptional water lift. 

SkyVac 85
World Most Strong
Gutter Vac System
3300 Watts 240 Volts
Gutter & Downspout Cleaning
Include Before & After Video Report
No Mess Cleaning
No roof or gutter damage.
No one gets hurt at your property.
JetaThru Environment
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How Much Is The Price Per Service?

1st story

From $0.40 per Sq Ft.
or $1~$2.00/ Line Ft.

Downspout from $70/ea.

2nd Story

From $0.80 per Sq Ft.
or $1.50~$3.00/ Line Ft.

Downspout from $90/ea.

3rd Story

From $1.50 per Sq Ft.
or $2.50~$4.00/ Line Ft.

Downspout from $120/ea.

The Minimum cost for any service is $250

No two gutter systems are alike, and a variety of factors influence the cleaning cost. Gutter length and height are two of the most important determinants in gutter cleaning cost, but they aren’t the only ones.

Other variables, such as the amount of debris, obstructions to the work area, and local labor costs, affect gutter cleaning prices. Following are some important factors to consider regarding gutter cleaning costs.


Do you have a large tree limb looming over a section of gutter or a fence that makes ladder placement difficult? Any obstacles that encroach on the workers’ ability to do their jobs will add to the cost of the job. Additional risk factors that contractors will consider include rain gutter accessibility, roof slope, and the number of stories.

Likewise, the slope of your land can create a challenging environment to work in. If part of your house was built on a hill, for example, the gutter technicians must take extra time and care to stabilize the ladder and carefully make their way down your gutter runs.

Length and Number of Stories

Understandably, one of the biggest factors in determining the cost of cleaning your gutters is the length of the gutters. Gutter length is measured in linear feet, and the average home has 200 linear feet of gutters. The more linear feet there are to clean, the more expensive the job will be.

Gutter height is an important factor as well. Second- and third-story gutters place technicians in more precarious positions, and the technicians must be extra careful and purposeful about their work.

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