Grease Trap Cleaning

How Much Is The Price Per Service?

The price of service depends on the service being rendered. Grease trap cleaning service fees generally range in cost from $120 to $825, and cost is based upon the size of the grease trap being serviced.
High pressure water jetting of grease trap lines is $220 at the time of a grease trap service. 

Should A Service Be Booked In Advance?

YES! Grease trap cleaning services should be regularly scheduled services. You should not wait until your grease trap is overflowing and your plumbing lines are backed up to call and schedule a service. We do offer Emergency Services, but there are extra fees associated with an emergency. So book your service on a regular basis and well in advance to ensure your grease trap operates as efficiently as possible.

Are Services Recurring?

Yes, service appointments are recurring based upon service frequency. Upon initial service of your grease trap, we will set up a service frequency in order to ensure your trap is always in good working order. Service frequency can be changed at any time.

How Long Is An Average Service?

Average time of a grease trap service is about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how bad the trap is and when it was last cleaned. High pressure water jetting of the lines within a grease trap generally takes about 30 minutes extra, again depending on the build-up within the lines. 

Do We Offer Emergency Services?

Yes, we do offer emergency services. Emergency service required within 48 hours of a booking will incur the following ADDITIONAL cost as applicable: $150 emergency fee during normal business hours, $175 emergency fee outside of normal business hours, $250 emergency on holidays. An additional emergency fee will be added to the normal fee for service, and all emergency service requests will need to be paid upon services rendered.

How Frequently Should A Trap Be Serviced?

A grease trap should be serviced (at minimum) every 90 days or 25 percent discharge into the city’s sanitary sewer system. Most grease traps and grease interceptors, if sized correctly, will range in service from 8 to 12 weeks. With that being said, service frequency of your grease trap depends on several factors, which will need to be discussed with your grease trap cleaning service provider.